An Very Important Business Report For Any CEO Who Wants To Stay In Business And Make More Money 

Are You Making Any The 31 Big Business Killing Bullets Every CEO NEeDs To Avoid...All Of Which ALMOST PUT ME OUT OF BUSINESS AND NEARLY KILLED ME PERSONALLY?

I dodged a bullet one time, and it saved my life!

That’s right, this is a true story about me, and a real life bullet that could have killed me dead.

When I was about twenty years old, my friend Bob and I were driving around in an area of downtown South Bend,IN (around which we probably should not have been driving in the first place). It was a hot, steamy, and humid summer Friday night, with a big full moon shining bright up in the sky.

We had just driven by a rough gang of people, when all of a sudden they started screaming at us. We were a little scared by their screaming. We quickly got the heck out of there, but about a minute later, as we were driving down a different street, I heard a noise behind us.

I turned my head to see what that noise was, and what I saw shocked me. Chasing us was a man in a big black car driving at a high rate of spend, and leaning out the window with something in his hand.

As I focused more on what the man had in his hand, I saw that he had a gun and was shooting at us. The loud crackling noise I had heard seconds before was the man firing his gun at us. We sped up, we had a Volkswagen Rabbit, but he had a high powered Cadillac, which was a much faster car then the one we were driving. In no time, he caught up with us.

But he didn’t just catch up with us, but he ran us off the road, and forced our car up on the sidewalk. When he did that our car’s engine stalled. At that point he got out of his car and started walking toward us with the gun aimed at Bob and I, and while looking crazed he was screaming, “I am going to kill you punks”.

At that moment I put my hands up in the air and told Bob to do the same, and yelled back at him, “We are not a threat to you and I have nothing in my hands that could hurt you.”

He still kept walking quicker and quicker toward our car with his gun pointed at both of us, when all of sudden his car started moving forward without him being in it. It turned out that when he got out of the car he had not put it in park mode, and the engine was still running.

His car took off and he started running towards it to catch it. This gave us a chance to escape, so I told Bob to start the car and just take off. As the crazy man with the gun was chasing his car, we took off as fast as we could. His car crashed into another parked car, and then he saw that we were driving away. I had ducked down on the passenger floor as he started shooting multiple shots at us. Please read the next paragraph to learn what happened next.

How Knowing How To Dodge The Following 30 Fatal Business Bullets Saved My Business and How It Can Save Yours And At The Same Time Increase Your Profits and Create A Better Life For You.

My friend and I had miraculously gotten away from the man with the gun. After we had stopped and gotten out of the car, I was shocked to see what was on the door next to where I was crouched down. There was a bullet hole in the passenger door right next to where I was crouched down. The bullet had hit the door frame brace and had stopped its trajectory and, had it not done so, it would have hit me right in the head where I was ducked down. I had dodged a bullet, and as a result I was still alive.

I later in life dodged more bullets; these were not the real life threatening bullets but they were business and profit killing bullets. That is what I will be talking about here, and what I am about to tell you can help make your business more profitable, and you can see your sales increase dramatically, and it starts with my story. It is a story about my business, and it has four major parts to it. What I learned there can impact your business in a huge positive way.


The first part is about how I started a business, and in the process almost died from a near heart attack, from the stress that was required to keep the business open and operating.


The second part is about how after a period of time, I made the same business wildly successful, before it crashed and turned into a money-losing, soul-crushing, life-sucking mess that was on the verge of going bankrupt.


The third part is about what I did to turn it around, make it even more successful than it had ever been before, and how I sold it and got a big payday when I did.


Lastly, the fourth part is about the things I learned to turn this sinking boat of a business into a huge success, and how you can take these same strategies, lessons and ideas, and use them to create the same massive profit growth in your business as I did in mine.

Using these same ideas that I will talk to you about here, you will be able to:

  • Turn a failing business into a successful one.
  • Turn a successful business into a market leader in your industry.
  • Turn a market leader into an alpha, top of the industry, competition crusher that spits out huge profits year after year.

It will help you to learn how to dodge some fatal bullets that can kill your company.

I urge you to read this report because it sets the foundation for future reports I will be sending you. You must understand what I and many other CEOs went through, so that you can more receptive to the future teachings that can change your company and increase your profits dramatically.

Join me as I tell you my story and learn how you can use these ideas in your company. You will learn some things here that you have probably never heard of before. The good news about that is that your competition has never heard about them either, so you will have an edge over them.

The Start Up and the Pain-Filled Life and Death Struggle for Me to Keep My Company Aliive

Like many of you reading this, I was determined to start my company and make it work, no matter the cost. However, I had one huge obstacle before I even got started, and it gives you an example of how I turned a failure into a success.

Before I started my company, I was turned down for a bank loan to fund it by thirteen banks before the fourteenth one said yes and I was able to open for business. I was determined to find funding for my company, and each time I was turned down, I asked the banker why they turned it down. I then fixed my business proposal and went to the next bank, and kept fixing it until bank number fourteen said yes to our loan request.

I then started my company, which was in the technology area. It was difficult at the beginning and I struggled to keep it alive and growing.

Every month in two years, I wondered how I was ever going to make the monthly overhead, pay the bank its interest, and pay myself something to live on. Some months I could barely meet expenses and overhead until the last few days of the month when I made a sale, and only then could I breathe for a few days.

I felt that my business was like one huge jigsaw puzzle, and I had to put together all of the pieces quickly and correctly, or it would fail miserably, along with myself.

random jigsaw puzzle pieces background

Your Business Dodging Bullet #1:

You should not put all of the pressure on yourself to put together pieces of your business that are not in your areas of strengths or skills. This only increases your stress, and lowers your correct decision making process.

What I Did To Finally Crack the Business Success Code And What You Can Do

After those two years of worry, stress, and back-breaking work, my company started doing very well financially.

Some of the things I did to make the company grow and be more profitable were:

Solution # 1. I became clear about what I wanted my company to look like, and devoted all of my energy to turn my vision into a reality. I eliminated products that even though were profitable, they were not in our future and core competency areas, and then focused all of our energy on what we were the best at.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #2:

You need clarity to know exactly what you want your company to become, not deviate from it, and make the hard decisions to take you where you want to go.

Solution # 2. We started selling all of our products by mail order, just like Dell Computer did, successfully selling computers and crushing their competitors, the local computer dealers. We did the same to local office equipment dealers we competed against.

Your Business Dodging Bullet # 3

If you only do what everyone in your industry is doing, then there is no reason for your customers to buy from you, because you are the same as your competitors. Don’t just do what everyone in your industry is doing and bring something new to your industry.

3. We began to track our advertising and saw which ads worked, and put more money into them, and eliminated the losers. We were getting $5 of net profit for every $1 of advertising costs.

Your Business Dodging Bullet # 4

If you are not tracking all of your advertising, you are throwing money in the sewer. You must track your advertising or lose huge amounts of money over time.

And two more years after that, sales quadrupled in just one year. More employees were hired and the complexity increased immensely. Gross profits were great, and there appeared to be no end to our growth. Outside investors were interested in giving us money. Monthly overhead increased greatly but sales increased even more. Gross profit margins were great.

I remember saying to myself, “I finally cracked the code.” I thought I was a genius and all I had to do was to keep doing what I had been doing, and everything would be great in my business.

I felt ecstatic that I was finally on my way to the success I wanted. I remember one time when we made a big sale to a Fortune 100 company, I was jumping up in the air and yelling, “We did it!”

However, like many business owners, I was spending more and more time in the business, because that’s what I thought it took. I did everything and anything; after all, the business was mine and the more I could do, the more I would make. I was the CEO of my company, doing myself as much as possible.

“I finally cracked the code,” or so I thought. However, I was in for a very rude awakening very soon afterwards. I learned that while you may “crack the code” for a while, you must keep innovating and growing, or your company will start dying.

Here are 2 key takeaway lessons for you to take to heart. If you ignore these, you put your company at risk of losses and possible failure.

1. There is no such thing as permanently “cracking the code” because the business marketplace is constantly changing and evolving.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #5:

Don’t get arrogant and think you have made it because your business is working today. Assume your market is changing quickly and constantly. Be ahead of the change or be buried by competitors who will be ahead of you soon.

2. A business can only grow as high as the CEO’s ability to grow it. At one point, I had hit the wall with my ability to grow it, and then when disaster hit unexpectedly, my ability to deal with it was just not there.

Your Business Dodging Bullet # 6

The buck stops with you and, if you are not getting the kind of results you want, this means you need to grow in some areas in order to grow. Don’t assume you know it all and you don’t need to grow any more because your business is working right now.

All at Once Everything Changed Dramatically With My Business in a Stunningly Unexpected Way Which Threatened to Vaporize My Company And My Health Overnight

Within one year of our great success story, the market we were in changed dramatically.

All of a sudden, there was massive killer competition which seemed to be coming from everywhere at once, so that I couldn’t see it coming. I was blindsided.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #7:

If you market is growing, then you can expect a huge number of competitors to enter your business. Don’t be blindsided by not expecting it to happen, because it will.

Our profit margins started imploding and we had to match the prices of our competitors quoted in order to make sales. At the same time, our average sale per unit was also being crushed by 15% a year.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #8:

Expenses can stay the same, but sales can decrease faster than expenses increase, and if gross sales per unit and margins are dropping, then you need to cut expenses, find new products or services quickly, or your company will die.

One thing was going down, though our expenses and overhead were all going up. My company was caught in a perfect storm of negative business factors.

I felt isolated and stressed out. I was overwhelmed, but no one could understand what the big deal was, and I was afraid to admit to anyone just how bad things were.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #9:

Don’t be afraid to admit to trusted advisors just how bad things are. CEO Isolation has killed more businesses than competition has. A connected CEO can better anticipate, deal with, and defeat competition than an isolated CEO.

It was now much worse than when we were a startup, because everything was so much bigger, mistakes cost us much more money, there was more complexity, and things were moving much faster. I was getting overwhelmed by everything.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #10:

The bigger your business, the more complex it is, and your mistakes can cost you more money quicker, due to the scale and size of the company. You must make better decisions as you grow, because the impact of your decisions is much greater.

I was afraid that we were going to go bankrupt, and my dream of having a successful business was doing to die. I was so stressed out that I started having skipped heartbeats and migraines. I thought that if this kept up, I was going to have a heart attack.

I remember one Sunday getting down on my hands and knees and praying to God to do something because I was near the end of my rope. I was afraid of Monday coming and being unable to handle what was going to come with it.

I was going to have to give up my dream and my father’s dream of having a successful business.

I dreaded the thought of people laughing behind my back, or deep down saying to themselves that they knew Ed didn’t have it in him to make it in business.

But the story doesn’t end there.

What Was The First Eye Opening Decision I Made Which Saved My Company from Being Slaughtered in the Marketplace And Which Can Save Yours Or Grow It Faster Than Ever?

I made a huge decision at that time.

It was a hard decision, but it was the critical decision that saved my company, and since that time, this decision has saved the many companies of the CEOs I have worked with.

The First Big Decision I Made To Save My Company

My fears and anxieties were hurting my productivity and decision making. These were the big fears that I had to deal with, before I could turn my company around. You won’t find many CEOs who talk about these fears out loud to anyone, and even admit to themselves they even have them. However, most CEOs have these same fears, and the most successful ones admit them, learn to deal with them, and find ways to counter them.

I know this for a fact, because many of the CEOs I have worked with tell me their secrets, fears, and doubts that parallel many of the ones I had and are mentioned here. There is no great accomplishment in you not admitting you are human like the rest of us, and this admission can propel you to greater success than you have ever had.

The big question I had to ask myself - and maybe you need to ask yourself - is this: What do you want more, to have your ego stroked and intact with no kinks in it, or to make big profits?

Your Business Dodging Bullet #11:

If you want to make more money you have to not worry about looking good or perfect, but you need to check your ego at the door. The results are greater insights, better decisions, and more innovation in your company, leading to greater profits.

We will now move on to the big fears that keep CEOs from making more money than they do.

The Big Five Company Destroying Fears Most CEO’s Have, Do You Have Any Of Them?

Your Business Dodging Bullet #12:

12. I had to face the fear that I would be found out to be incompetent in some areas of business skills, and these same areas were the cause of my problems and lack of growth. I had to admit that in some areas, I was just not good enough to do what I needed done for the company. The identification of these areas would let me become very competent in them in the future, but without the identification of them in the present, I could never start to improve them.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #13:

13. I had to face the fear of appearing that I was underachieving, based on the talents, skills, and experience. I was not living up to my full potential and I had to admit and change what I was doing, so as to perform better in the future.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #14:

14. I had to get over my fear of appearing too vulnerable and weak in admitting I needed help or did not know something. This was my hardest shift, but admitting what I did not know made me strong and not weak, powerful and not vulnerable. It was a paradox; I became stronger when I admitted my weakness, and this is so counter intitutive for almost every CEO.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #15:

Your Business Dodging Bullet #15:

15. I had to get over my fear of appearing foolish. This was important because until I overcame this fear, I could not take the risks and make the decisions I needed to make, in order to fix and grow my company, because I was afraid of making a mistake and looking foolish.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #16:

16. I had to get over the fear of being blindsided and surprised by the market or a competitor, and having it affect my business in a negative manner. When I admitted I could be blindsided and was not looking to make excuses that I could not be blindsided, I saw the competition and market in a new way.

All these fears of mine resulted in negative consequences such as poor decision making, focusing on survival rather than growth, and failing to act unless there was a crisis.

I had to find the courage to finally admit that I could not do it all by myself. This required me being brutally honest with myself. I had to admit that the problems I had were caused by the decisions I had made. The problem was I didn’t know how to make decisions differently, so as to get different results.

But there was still much more I needed to learn, and I had just scratched the surface of what I needed to do, but I didn’t know how to do it.

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Also Struggle With Fear Sometimes I Do

But admitting my fears was harder than I expected, because I was taught to hide them, and keep them stuffed inside like a good strong CEO does. Sound familiar?

I still had a fear of admitting that I needed help, and I just could not break through this thinking.

Businessman or stock broker with cellphone

Isolation, pride, fears, and being stubborn was killing my business in more ways than I could count.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #17:

If you want to make big profits and avoid big losses, you have to avoid the big four business killers as much as possible. These are: Isolation, Pride, Fears, and Stubbornness. Any one of them can hurt your business, but if all of them are going on at the same time, your business will be gone in the near future. The scary part is many CEOs who have all four operating, don’t even know it until it is too late - like it almost was for me.

My head was spinning, I felt paralyzed and could not take any action, because my mind was just going back and forth on each direction I was thinking of taking. There was no clarity on what to do next.

I was too close to the business emotionally to see clearly what the real problems were, and what I needed to do to solve them. I needed a good mirror to see reality in, but I didn’t have one.

I then tried multiple strategies, but I didn’t give any of them enough time to work. I was impatient and I needed something to work right now. I had all this fear, anxiety, and pain that I wanted to stop, so I needed everything to work quickly.

Looking back, I had some good strategies that would have worked if I had given them more time. However, I was too freaked out to do that. I just wanted something to work, and to work right now.

I had to find a better way to handle my company and make better decisions, implement my decisions with greater courage, and find new solutions and innovations that I had not been able to find, up to that point.

The Second Big Decision I Made To Save My Company And How I Accidentally Stumbled on a Solution to My Biggest Business Problems That I Later Found Out The Most Successful CEOs Already Use.

The second big decision I made that started me on the road to success was not only that I could not do it alone, but that I also needed to be connected to outside advice, strategies, encouragement, and innovation in order to be successful. I had to stop the isolation and build the connections, but I didn’t know how to do it.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #18:

Make a decision to get connected to outside resources quickly. I waited too long to do that and, as result, I suffered longer and lost more money than was necessary. Don’t be like me and wait too long to make this decision.

I was stuck and I didn’t know how to get unstuck.

I had to talk to someone. One came to mind for a while, and then it hit me all at once. It was obvious who I could talk to. It was my friend, Richard.

Richard was a highly successful businessman and multimillionaire who was about 30 years older than I, and who had, kind of, taken me under his wing. He was almost like a surrogate father to me through the 35 years I had known him.

At this point, I went to him. After shaking hands and with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, I finally admitted to him what was going on with my company, and asked him what he thought I could do.

He looked at me and said that I was on the right track in admitting I could not do it alone. The most successful CEOs of all time had outside help. Even the richest people in the world admitted that they could not have achieved all that they had, without this one missing link that many CEOs don’t utilize.

I told him I had to know what he did to be successful in business, because my business was failing quickly. He said he would, but I had to be willing to listen to some hard truths.

I Was Told You Were Killing Your Business…Son…Are You Killing Yours Also?”

Richard said to me, “First of all, everything comes down from you and you are 100% responsible for the success or failure of your company.”

“I need to tell you this, and it is going to hurt.”

“You are killing your business, son.”

Your Business Dodging Bullet #19:

When someone you trust tells you that you are killing your business, take it very seriously. If you don’t have someone strong enough to talk to you that way, go out and find one, and make a decision to listen to their counsel and wisdom. It can save you a lot of grief.

He then said to me, “Doing more of the same things that created your problems is not going to solve them. You need to do many things completely differently from how you are currently doing them, and you need to upgrade your decision-making process.”

“You need to get outside input, feedback, and training, in order to do things differently and make decisions differently.”

He told me that there were other CEOs out there who have already found solutions to the problems I had. Everything I was experiencing had been or was being currently solved by other CEOs in their businesses. I didn’t need to keep reinventing the wheel by myself. It was just too limiting and stressful to do it that way, and it was the least effective way to run a business.

He told me I needed to find the CEOs who had the answers I needed. However, I had no clue on how to find them, and I told Richard that. He said he was going to talk about that right now.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #20:

Find the people who have already found the answers you are looking for, and have achieved what you want to achieve, and model them. Doing trial and error testing to find solutions using your own money is a very costly way to learn what someone else already knows using their own money to find the answers.

I Needed Something The Top Ceo’s Used Called “Collective Intelligence” to Break Through My Business Problems But I Didn’t Even Know What It Was…Do You?

Richard told me early in his business life about reading a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which studied the richest and most successful people of that time.

One of the concepts that stood out for him was that Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, President Woodrow Wilson, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison, who were some of the richest people in the world, were not alone in business.

They had created something called a mastermind group, and they were some of the earliest, most famous members of the group.

He defined a mastermind group as a “bringing together of multiple minds focused on the same creative purpose and process, thus creating an additional mind, a mastermind, drawing on and synthesizing all the participants’ knowledge, as well as ‘universal intelligence’ available through the subconscious.”

He pointed out an important point... if you also noticed, they were in different industries and, because of this, they were able to borrow the best ideas, strategies, techniques, and technology from each other. In doing so, they crushed their competitors.

Richard said I needed to be in a mastermind group and to study successful CEOs, in order to be successful with my company. I was too isolated and unconnected from what I needed to really be successful.

Do You Make These Same Embarrassing Profit Killing Mistakes in Your Business That I Did in Mine?

But first, he started to tell me what would not work, based on what other successful CEOs companies were doing.

He said, “Most of the things you are doing wrong are common to most failing, average, or stuck at some lower business level CEOs. They are common because they seem to be like common sense to do, but they do not get the results CEOs are looking for, and they do not reflect how the top CEOs work, think, and achieve.”

The Big Six Mistakes And The Deadly Business Killing Bullets Richard Told Me I Was Shooting Myself With.

Here are some business killing bullets I was shooting myself with:

Your Business Dodging Bullet #21:

I was coming up with all of the ideas, strategies, marketing, and systems by myself, without collective outside intelligence in my business, and that is what was keeping it from being more successful and profitable. He said I needed to follow the success tracks of other CEOs, but he said it is not my fault, since that is what most average CEOs have been taught to do, and that is, “do everything by yourself.”

Your Business Dodging Bullet #22:

I was being strong, showing no weakness, admitting no mistakes, and not admitting what I didn’t know. I was also not admitting my failures to outside advisers or peers. He said that over time this would kill my business, because I couldn’t fix what I couldn’t see or couldn’t admit to doing wrong.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #23:

Richard told me that working more hours won’t work to get me to profitability, and it won’t build a sustainable and sellable business. It is only a temporary bandage to my business that will only work until I burn out or get too exhausted to do anything more. He said working more and more hours was not going to make my company more successful, and by working more hours, it

This sounded a little crazy to me since I thought the only way to work through my business problems was to work harder and harder. However, I knew that I was starting to get too burned out and exhausted to keep going at the pace I was going.

I had a job and not a business. My business was running me instead of me running my business.

Constant, unrelenting hard work without a specific plan to reduce your workload will not create a sustainable business that you would want, or an enjoyable life.

He said that if my business could not operate without me for one month, I did not have a business but a job, and my business was unsalable.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #24:

I was not focused on implementing the correct projects and making the right decisions, and finding the ideas which could create the biggest breakthroughs. I was focused on getting more money, technology, skills, employees, or some magic new idea, and that was the incorrect focus. Most big breakthroughs and big positive changes happen because of a shift in internal thinking about how to do business, rather than from any additional business information or increase in assets or employees.

He said that I have never been taught to make good business decisions like the top CEOs, and this is making my business much harder than it should be. In many cases, I was making the same decisions over and over but thinking that I was making different ones, because I couldn’t see my thinking processes objectively.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #25:

He told me that I couldn’t see the solutions to my problems, because I had the wrong focus again. The solution to all of my business problems was to make more decisions. I only thought I had problems because I could not find the solutions to eliminate them. The truth was that I didn’t have any business problems, profit or business growth blocks, or too little personal time. Richard said, “You don’t have any business problems. You only have decisions you have not made, or you have made decisions that you are hesitating to implement because you are afraid to act on them, and this is why all of your problems continue to exist.”

He told me that I couldn’t see the solutions to my problems, because I had the wrong focus again. The solution to all of my business problems was to make more decisions. I only thought I had problems because I could not find the solutions to eliminate them. The truth was that I didn’t have any business problems, profit or business growth blocks, or too little personal time. Richard said, “You don’t have any business problems. You only have decisions you have not made, or you have made decisions that you are hesitating to implement because you are afraid to act on them, and this is why all of your problems continue to exist.”

He let me know that I needed to step back and think strategically, not work more hours. I needed to work on and not in my company because by working in it, I was just a higher paid employee who had a job and who was a slave to their company instead of owning a real company. Because of the hours I was working, I was unable to devote the amount of time I needed to start thinking differently and strategically about my company, and my situation would never change until I shifted my mindset in two areas; how I was working on the business, and how to think and make decisions differently.

He told me 8 other major points, but in the interest of not making this story too long, I will save them for some future posts. But for now, that is a lot for you to think about already.

The most successful CEOs who had companies which were 1000 times larger than mine worked less hours than I did, but they worked smarter in comparison to how I was working.

Richard then invited me to sit in with his existing mastermind group. It had been going on for over 20 years and had some very successful members in it. Back when it started, none of the members were anywhere near as successful as they are today, and they attributed their membership in the mastermind as a big factor in their success.

I Have Got No Money and I Have Got No Time So What Can I Do To Make My Business Better?

I was also worried that I could not afford the monthly fee - which was significant - to be in the group. I was losing money at a high rate and I didn’t think I had any extra money. After looking at my overhead, I saw some extra money that I could use. I had some lines of credit that I could tap. I made the decision to pay whatever it took to join the group, even if I had to borrow the money from somewhere.

After all, if I were not willing to invest in myself, then I had no chance to survive as a CEO.

My reasoning was the question I asked myself, which was: what customer or employee would follow an insecure leader who does not even invest in themselves? I was going to bite the bullet and bet on myself.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #26:

Be willing to invest in your skills and education; it is one of the best investments you can make. In what areas can you invest that could impact your company positively right now?

I had to give myself a shot to be successful because if I didn’t, then I might as well just pack it in and file for bankruptcy right now. It turned out to be the most productive thing I had ever done, and the return on my investment was so high that it is incalculable.

Finally, I saw my problems clearly for the first time:

· I had no time because I was not working correctly on my business, and I did not have any money because the time I was spending was not productive at creating profits.

· In order to change things, I had to learn to use the time I had productively, and after having done this, I would have the money the company needed to survive. It was kind of like the question, “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”

I decided that being part of the mastermind group would allow me to step outside my business in a focused and direct way and work on it. This would be my time to do things ,and think in new ways than I previously did, and as a result, maybe I would come up with a new solution.

My thinking that I didn’t have time was one of the biggest problems and false beliefs I had keeping me stuck. I didn’t have time because I didn’t know how the top CEOs created the time they needed to focus on the important areas of business like increasing sales on a regular basis.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #27:

This is one of the biggest business killers, the CEO not having enough time. You need time to achieve what you want. If you want to achieve more, then you need to find more time so you can achieve more.

So I decided to try to join Richard’s group and here’s what happened next.

How in a Blinding Unexpected Flash of Clarity Everything Changed in My Company And What You Can Learn From My Experience

As I became more and more involved in the group, I was seeing more and more what the answers to my specific business problems were. I realized I couldn’t change what was happening to my marketplace, but I could change how I responded. I started to make better and bolder decisions, and I was implementing them quicker than ever.

So over time, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, I was making progress in turning my company around.

Here are some of the things I started to do differently from the way I was doing them before, which enabled me to get the results and profitability I wanted for my company.

I no longer felt isolated because I had a process and venue to discuss openly and honestly what was happening. I no longer thought I was alone in everything, with no help from anyone who could listen to me and really understand what I was talking about.

A huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, because there were 12 other people helping me carry it. I was able to relieve my high stress levels by getting my fears and concerns out in the open, so they could dissipate, instead of bottling them up, and have them leak out or come out in an ugly, unproductive explosion.

Because of the discussions in the group, and seeing the inside of 12 other businesses, I was no longer in awe or curious of what other CEOs had been doing to build a successful company. I was watching companies being built from the inside out and learning what it took to grow profits to higher and higher levels. I was getting a PHD every month in being a successful CEO, and I was gaining real world street smarts that would help me to achieve the results I wanted for my company.

I started to get more and more ideas from the group members, that helped me solve more of my problems and generate additional income, while at the same time reducing expenses. This environment was a hotbed of innovation, because all of the members were in different industries. I learned that by taking an idea from one industry and moving it to another, you created opportunities that you would have never seen by staying within your own industry. Innovation became the norm for my company when before, it was the exception, and nearly impossible.

I stopped getting more and more information without implementing much of it, and started implementing the things that I already knew had a very high chance of succeeding. I became more about output and action than input and procrastination. I stopped going to so many seminars and buying so many business success products, because I was getting real world solutions that worked from CEOs that were making their businesses work.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #28:

Information alone will not increase your company’s profits, but implementing proven strategies in which you have a high level of confidence it will work, will increase your profits. Input is getting information but output is implementing what you know will work. A flawed strategy implemented perfectly will always outperform a perfect strategy that is not implemented. Focus on output.

All these things and much more happened in my company during my time in the group.

Who Else Wants to Truly Have a Hugely Profitable Business That Grows Sales And Profits Every Year By Taking What I Learned And Using It In Your Company?

I stayed in the group for about 4 years until I sold my company.

The entire time I was in the group, I was studying the process, studying the CEOs in it. I then went on a journey to document what the top CEOs of all time did to be successful.

I got the equivalent of 10 PhDs in business, coupled with some street-smart, hardcore, little known business strategies that I have seen nowhere else in that 4 year period and since then.

I found ways to implement what I had learned, and learned strategies as I worked through some common obstacles that came up internally in me, by internalizing the thinking and beliefs of the best business leaders. I became a student of the top leaders of all time. I became fascinated by all the things they did that I had not seen documented anywhere else.

I became a little obsessed, because I was learning so much and enjoying the process of being an investigator of successful business practices.

I did all of this basically for myself. My plan at that point was that I was going to start multiple companies in the future, and I needed to have documented what worked and what didn’t work, so that I could increase my chances of future success.

I compiled it into written material, so that I could refer to it any time I needed ideas on what I needed to implement, so as to make any of my future companies more successful quicker.

How My Life Unexpectedly Changed At One Point and How I Went from Being an Unsure and Hesitant Person to a Confident and Decisive CEO And How You Can Be Better In The Future Than You Have Ever Been In The Past.

After all this time, I came away with the confidence I needed to be successful in any business. I had the confidence that I had a very high chance of succeeding in any company that I would start in the future. After all, I had seen the inner workings of hundreds of businesses.

I knew what worked and what didn’t work, and I could apply these lessons to any other company I chose to.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #29:

Find out what works and what doesn’t as quickly as possible, document it, and keep applying those lessons to your business in order to grow it. Avoid doing the same things that did not work over and over and expect them to work in the future.

There really was a formula that could be replicated to create and grow successful companies.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #30:

If you don’t know the proven formulas that other CEOs have already discovered then make a conscious effort to find them and replicate them. Success leaves tracks and maps. Model others’ successes and use them as a shortcut to your successes.

Now I am not saying that it will be easy, automatic, that I just show up, and poof! I have a business, or that it won’t take time. What I am saying is I have the confidence that if I follow the proven formulas, the business has a very high likelihood of being successful.

I have the self-confidence and the ability to believe in myself, so I can accomplish any task related to starting a company.

I know that no matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, no matter the adversity, I can get it done. I have the belief that I can accomplish what I want to accomplish in a business.

I use repetition, and the lessons I have been taught from other CEOs are far more successful than for me to build this confidence over time. I also remember the times I have done the same thing in the past, and this inspires me to keep going, until I achieve the prize. I also remember how far I have already come from my humble beginnings.

Confidence comes from repetition, knowing that if you did it once, you can do it again. I had done it once and I knew that I could do it again.

What Every CEO Ought to Know… About Being Successful in Business… But Most Don’t and Why They Don’t Know And How It Is Destroying Their Companies.

But then I saw something very disturbing to me. Most of the places that business owners turned for business help were accountants, consultants, attorneys, coaches, industry trade groups, that offered some of the pieces, but they were all missing some of the key components that I knew were required for a CEO and business to be successful.

As a result of this partial information, many CEOs were still struggling and some were even going out of business. This was happening because they thought they had everything they needed, but they didn’t.

They needed all of the success factors integrated in order to succeed, and not just some of them. This integration is the ke,y because you can’t fix one symptom and avoid treating the business disease in a holistic manner.

Your Business Dodging Bullet #31:

You can’t fix one part of your business or your management skills, and expect that to be enough, any more than you can take cough medicine to fix a cough that is caused by cancer. You must integrate multiple new skills and ideas to get the maximum results from your company, review where you are not getting the results you want from your business, and look at it from a big picture top-down viewpoint. Only then can you see which parts are working and which parts are not working, and fix the entire process. Many times it takes an outsider to see what you cannot see or what you are missing.

Can We Go on a Journey Together and Chase Your Biggest Business Dreams and Make Them a Reality?

These are my CEO Master Brain’s goals moving forward, and this is how we can work together.

Would you like to know why am I so motivated to spread the word out and help fellow CEOs?

There are actually three reasons, but let me tell you a two of them right now.

The First Reason is because I see so many CEOs being in self-imposed prisons, and I want to free them so they can have a great business and great life in the near future. I truly believe that owning and operating a business isn't supposed to be a life sentence or prison, but it's supposed to be a ticket to financial freedom and an enjoyable life.

The Second Reason why I am motivated is because I believe that CEO isolation is the one of the biggest obstacles to long term success in business. There have been many studies since I started CEO Master Brain that has proven this fact. Isolation, loneliness, a lack of honest feedback, coupled with the stakes and burdens of being a CEO, are costing billions of dollars of lost profits and unnecessary work hours every year.

This CEO isolation leads to poor decision making, fatigue, frustration, and negativity in their general attitude that can impact or even destroy a company. Even experienced CEOs can be overwhelmed during periods when the stakes and stress are much higher than normal, and need greater connectivity and less isolation during these periods.

Because of these and other issues, I created a number of vehicles, programs, and support systems connected with this proven knowledge that can assist a CEO in overcoming this isolation and loneliness.

We exist to enable CEOs to make more profits, to get more time off, and to grow a business that can provide financial freedom for them, so they can spend more time in their personal lives and allow them to enjoy their family, lives, and friends.

I really believe that greater profitability lays dormant within every business, no matter what its current profits are.

I Have A Dream And I Am On A Journey…Care To Join Me?

The Third Reason is that I have a dream and I am on a journey to help as many CEO’s as I can to grow their business.

As business leaders, I say to you today, let us not get stuck in the valley of low profits, long hours, and unending stress.

And so, even though we face the difficulties of being in business both today and tomorrow, we still have our dreams of what our business can one day become. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream of free enterprise and capitalism.

I have a dream that one day, more and more businesses will succeed with the help we give them. Families will be able to count on a stable and secure financial future.

I have a dream that one day, the most humble and struggling businesses can be and will be transformed into growing leaders in their industry through hard work, good decisions, and strategies that have been proven to work.

This is my hope for you, and this is the faith that I go back to work for you with.

Please join us on the journey to connect you and every CEO to the kind of resources, encouragement, and ideas, and what you/they need to achieve greater success… after all, if we don’t do it… who will? If not now, when?

You will find many articles, interviews, and webinars as I work to connect CEOs to the resources, information, strategies, and innovation you need.

Your next step, if you want to follow in my footsteps and create both time and money freedom in your life is to go to the “How You Can Start” page and begin the process.

Watch for our next e-mail and post that will talk about one of the moments that changed my business the quickest, and created more profits for me than anything else. If you have not signed up for the latest updates which we only send to our subscribers, sign up here and watch for our next content and business changing post.

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