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Edward Zajac CEO

Hello my name is Edward Zajac, and you may have heard about me if you are in the business world.  I am the founder, host, and President of CEO Master Brain, and I want to welcome you to our site.

Our site is perfect for YOU – the CEO or owner of a business – who wants to learn the newest, most powerful and most innovative ways to build a more profitable company and a more enjoyable life.

We do this by connecting you with insider ideas and innovations from the top CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Company Founders, Consultants, Authors and Business Leaders in the world today.

Most Companies Are One Bad Decision From Business Armageddon And Catastrophe But Their CEOs’ Don’t Know It

We and other CEO’s you will meet here and learn from have learned these profit increasing and productivity creating ideas the hard way.

We learned them by having near death business collapses that we didn’t see coming.  We have seen smart many CEO’s blindsided and helplessly watch their profits plunge or even watch their business vaporize as a result of one bad business decision or by ignoring one mind-blowing profit increasing strategy.

You can avoid all of these painful lessons because our goal at CEO Master Brain  is to share these massive avoidable mistakes and profit creating ideas with you so you don’t have to learn them the hard way like but the easy way from our site.

You can be wiser from the beginning, by learning from other smart CEO’s mistakes instead from your own painful plummeting profits.

The eye opening wisdom that you will gain here will keep from wasting your time, incurring huge losses, and throwing away your hard earned money. Not to mention the stress and sleepless nights you will experience as a result.

The Top CEO’s have already figured out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to constantly reinvent the wheel and we are constantly adding new state of the art modern day success practices.

Why I Believe That Small to Medium Sized Businesses Are The Only Hope For The Future Prosperity Of The United States And Why Too Many Of Them Die Due To Self-Inflicted Avoidable Injuries

Here is a little bit more about what I believe, why I created CEO Master Brain, and why I am devoting so much of my time to it.

I truly believe that small to medium sized businesses are the future and the only hope for an economically prosperous United States of America.

I believe that owning your business if it is structured correctly is the best vehicle towards achieving a stable and prosperous financial future and can build you a recurring income and a stable retirement.

Yet I have seen many companies end in a devastating, dumb and embarrassing way because some obvious omission or mistake their CEO made.

I want to avoid that from ever happening to you.  In every company I have worked with there was some things that had the potential to vaporize the company that was being ignored and was festering and growing into a potential life threatening company death spiral.

For example think of huge companies like, Nokia, Blockbuster, Kodak, Excite, Digital Equipment Corp and scores of retailers whose had smart CEO’s who made just one bad decision and had their companies destroyed by the likes of Apple, Netflix, Canon and Smart Phones, Google, PC’s and Amazon.

I can tell you in most companies and CEO’s I work with there are blind spots, assumptions and omissions that can destroy the company. Do you know what yours are?

This is why I am committed to your future business success, because when you succeed, it is good for our country, your family and all of us.

My Mission Is Too Destroy The Common Plague Of Most CEO’s…. You Working Too Much For Too Little Money And Having The Burden Of Feeling Like A Slave To Your Own Business

Because of how strongly I believe that small and medium sized businesses are the future and hope of a strong and prosperous United States, my lifelong mission is to connect CEOs like yourself , who want to grow their companies by 20-50% a year, with the resources, strategies, ideas, and knowledge that can help you achieve these goals.

I want to help you avoid the destructive effects of isolation, loneliness, and overwork, while you are achieving these profit growth rates. I want to provide you with the secrets and shortcuts, the proven techniques, and the sales ideas that will enable you to accomplish your financial goals faster and easier.

All of us business owners and CEOs are special people. We are the job creators, the innovators, the freedom seekers, and we deserve the best chances to succeed with our companies.

You are not alone in trying to achieve your goals, and together, we can inspire each other to be the best, to do our best, and make the most money so that we can make the biggest impact on our communities, our country, and maybe even the world.

In other words, I want help you to be at the top of your game, the guru in your industry, the go-to guy… I want you to become a “Top 2% CEO”.


What Was One Of My “Biggest Aha Moments” About How You Can Speed Up Making A Business Massively More Profitable And How A Common Trait That Most CEO’s Have Almost Destroyed It?

One of the biggest lessons I learned about business was that success leaves tracks. This lesson is what turned a company I had from near bankruptcy to a huge success, and an eventual big sale.

All of my successes came about when I was able to finally learn to follow and apply the tracks of what other successful CEOs have done already and adapt them to my business with some little twists and adaptations. This enabled my company’s be wildly successful and to dominate the markets we were in

My successes only came about when I gave up my stubbornness that I was the only one who could come up with something that worked.  I thought only I was the only one could solve my company’s problems, create sales increases and I didn’t need anyone else but me to be successful.

You see, I was like many CEOs, and I tried to solve all of my problems by myself. I was afraid, and even ashamed, to admit that I didn’t know what to do or how to do something to get a result I wanted.

The big lesson I learned at that point was that I didn’t have to learn or figure out everything myself, that I could be even more successful and get success faster by following the tracks of other successful CEOs.

Business success does not have to be a complicated and mysterious thing, and it can be simple. There are proven formulas to success however I have found that many CEOs resist the simple but effective things that could work very powerfully in their businesses. Here is a quote from Warren Buffet that summarizes what I just said,


Warren Buffett

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult”

Warren Buffet

I am not saying that business is easy, but it can be much easier and simpler than most CEOs are making it.

You just need to follow in the tracks of other successful CEOs who have been able to do what you want done, and have what you want to get.


Of course, you have to tweak it and adapt it to what you are doing, but that is much easier to do than coming up with it from scratch yourself or through costly trial and error experiments.

Since the time that I discovered this philosophy, I have never stopped studying, learning, and teaching other CEOs to follow the tracks of business success so they can be even more successful in their companies.

How You Can To Wipe Out The Festering Crises, Crippling Roadblocks and Sleepless Nights Worrying  About What Else You Can Do To Make The Kind Of Money You Deserve?

I talk to many CEO’s and I know most of you are concerned about how much time you are spending on your business and away from your families.  You worry about the time you lose from being with your family and that you can never get back.

I also know you are concerned about finding more time to really enjoy life, after working hard for many years, to build your business and team.

Many of you feel like you’re under too much almost crippling stress at times and how it is affecting your health and attitude in general.

You are trying to find trusted business advisors.

You are worried about how our government is handling the country, the state of and lack of stability of the economy, and the insanely rising costs of doing business. I won’t even mention the crazy effects of health care reform.

All of these things are impacting your businesses, and in turn, they are impacting you.  And these things don’t even include all of the crazy, emotional, ups and downs, big wins and big losses, problems and challenges of doing business on a day to day basis.

I am passionate about helping you live the kind of CEO life you had planned to live when you originally started your company.

Maybe you are kind of living it or maybe it is just a faraway dream, but I am here to tell you and to show you how you can live a life where your business serves you, where it is you who’s running the business, and not the business who’s running you.

Our message at CEO Master Brain is clear: There is no business that cannot be more profitable while still being able to give you, the CEO, more time to enjoy your life.

Here Are Some Of The Things We Will Show You That Will  Create Eye-Opening, Breathtaking And Stunningly Quick Victories For You In Creating A More Profitable Business

CEO Master Brain can help you in all of the following areas. We will provide you, through our articles, posts, white papers, or webinars, the solutions and ideas on topics such as the following:

  1. How to increase sales and profit, and find out what new…uncommon… and unpublished growth engines other top CEOs are using, so you can apply them to your business.
  2. How to deliver better operational results with cutting edge methods to reduce costs, build better processes, and find innovative solutions to increasing profit margins.
  3. How to attract new customers and retain your best, current, profitable customers by increasing your back end repeat sales to them.
  4. How to keep up with and use new emerging technologies that other top CEOs have discovered, and learn how they are using these technologies, so you can use them in your business.
  5. How the Top CEOs think, make decisions, solve problems, and how they stay focused and avoid being overwhelmed by everything that comes at them during the course of their business day, and how you can be more like them during your business day.
  6. How to remain competitive in the face of a changing economy, government regulatory requirements, and the globalization of competition.
  7. How to attract world class employee talent, develop it, and how to keep your top key employees and workforce.
  8. Living the “Top 2% CEO” life, where you work 20% less every year, but make 30% or more money every year.

And we will cover much more.

How I Made An Amazing Journey From Have A Tiny Paper Route To Starting, Owning And Selling A Multi-Million Business And Then Repeating That Process


Me at age 14, wanted to be a business man even than.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I fell in love with business at an early age. I was selling popcorn and lemonade in front of my house on the sidewalk, at the age of 8, during lunch time, after the local factories let out their workers. The people who worked in these factories would walk by my house, and I would sell them popcorn and lemonade.  From an early age, I loved making sales and loved making money for myself.

Later, I had a paper route and delivered newspapers. Back then, you had to deliver the paper and collect the money from the customers every week. Whatever was left over after I paid the newspaper was my profit for the week.  My parents were poor but I always had more money than my friends did, and I loved being in business for myself. Later, I would also sell magazine subscriptions, water softeners, fireworks, and much later, insurance and real estate.

I always wanted to be my own boss from an early age.  Whenever I did work for someone, I would get frustrated at the way they did things. Many of the ways that they did things were just inefficient, wasteful, and sometimes, just plain stupid, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was not the best employee when it came to working for somebody.

I also wanted financial success, and I felt that being in business gave me the best chance to achieve this.

My father, who immigrated to the United States from Poland, always wanted to be in business for himself, but he never could manage to do it. So to honor him, I wanted to have my own company, even though he couldn’t. I was also like my father, who always admired business owners, and growing up, they were my heroes.

How Spotting Some Of The Biggest Trends In Business Ahead Of Time Have Enabled Me To Make Stunningly Easy Profits And How We Also Can Show You How?

I have been part of four major trends that have changed the business marketplace. The trends that I correctly called, and started companies in, were the personal computer, the connectivity of the office, the rise of Google AdWords, and the emergence of self-publishing and information marketing.

As a result of spotting these massive trends I have started multiple businesses to take advantage of them, first beginning with a real estate brokerage firm that was later sold. I followed that company with a home building company. I then launched a computer company to sell, rent, service, and lease computers. I then saw an opening in the market and built an office automation company that was a nationwide leader, and had been called the Dell Computer of office automation, and which was also later sold.

Later, I started a publishing and training company, and finally, CEO Master Brain.  I’ve got the business experience to tell you what works and what doesn’t.   When you combine my experience with the wisdom of other top CEOs, Authors, Consultants, and Business and Industry Leaders that we work with, you have a very power combination that can help you achieve your business goals faster and easier than ever before.

Now, at CEO Master Brain, we combine the integration of the latest new top research being done on business, coupled with real life world CEO experiences, business trends and the uses of neuropsychology, in creating successful companies.  We believe that we are on the cutting edge of business transformation practices.

We can give you information on the new trends and breakthroughs in the business world so you can have a competitive edge in your marketplace and industry. When you have information ahead of your competitors you can make stunningly easy profits.

You really can increase your sales by 20% a year and work 30% less because I have seen it done every day in multiple industries and markets.

Let Me Tell You A Little About Me Personally

I like golf, travel, to both domestic and international destinations, photography, and I had a black belt in Karate in my younger days. I am married, with one daughter Julia, who is 12 years old, who I hope to convince to start her own business soon. I live in a Northwest suburb of Chicago, and love to go to concerts and live music.

I was 27 when I started my first company, and I have never stopped being in charge of my own businesses, being my own boss, and being in charge of my financial future ever since that time.

Are There Still Any More Amazing Business and Sales Ideas That Can Create Surprising, Jaw Dropping, And Sensational Sales, Operations and Marketing  Victories And What Am I Doing To Find Them And Share Them With You?

Since learning that Success Leaves Tracks, and realizing that learning what successful CEOs were doing could save or grow any business, I have kept learning, researching, and documenting what the top CEOs do to be successful.

I have been doing this for over 31 years now, and have put together many of the best practices, strategies, ideas, and innovation into a series of posts, white papers, webinars, seminars, products and services that can short cut the learning process about what it takes to be a “TOP 2% CEO”. The kind of CEO who can grow his or her company at will while working less every year.

Since my “Aha moment”, I have been applying these tracks of success to my businesses, and helping other CEOs learn to use these tracks in their own companies.

I now have more than a lifetime of unique business experience, both from my own experiences, and from the hundreds of CEOs I have worked with or interviewed. I plan to spend my time sharing these experiences with you through this site and through other products and services we offer.

I really want to help you break through any business barrier or obstacle you may currently have in your company. I want to help you create the kind of business that you have always dreamed of and wanted but up to this point haven’t fully achieved.

I want to show you how to build a business that will serve you and your life, and help you avoid having one where you have to give up your life and serve the businesss, just so you can make a profit and survive.

That is not the way to live a good and enjoyable life.  I believe that living that way is not a life but is actually a self-imposed prison. Unfortunately, that is the kind of life many CEOs I know are living.

However, even if you are living that way, I can help you escape it so that you can live a life of freedom, have the time to do what you want, and still have financial success. Steven Covey says it simply and powerfully in this quote,

“The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man”

Stephen Covey

It Is Frightening And Devastating To Realize That Business Success Is All About Inside Information And Correct Thinking, And Shockingly Many CEOs Do Not Have The First One, And Don’t Do The Second One Very Well And As A Result They Drown In Increasing Losses, Lost Opportunities And Eventual Failures That Did Not Need To Happen

As part of my research and learning to compile the best practices to share with other CEOs, I have had the privilege of seeing the insides of many different companies.

I have seen and studied the inside thinking of many smart and successful CEOs.  I did this to see what made them tick, what processes they used, how they overcame doubt and fear and how they made their biggest decisions.  These insider plans and thinking are what most top CEOs won’t ever share with the outside world. However these insider plans and thinking is what made them the success they are and what you need to know to be like them.

However, now that I know what really goes on behind the scenes of many successful businesses, I can now share these ideas, insights and strategies with all of you at this site, and through our emails, reports, interviews, white papers, and other products and services.

I have interviewed and continue to interview many top CEOs, Authors, Consultants, Teachers, and Business Leaders, as the host of The CEO INSIDER SHOW, to learn these success tracks. I am constantly being exposed to new break through strategies, ideas and technologies, many of which I will share with you here at CeoMasterBrain.com.


Steven Covey and Ed Zajac


I have worked with some big name business and marketing thinkers that you may have heard of, such as Steven Covey, author of one of the all-time best-selling business books “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, which sold over 25,000,000 copies.  I have the greatest admiration for his contribution in changing how business leaders think. I can show you how to implement this powerful thinking in your business.





Dan Kennedy and Ed Zajac

I have worked with Dan S. Kennedy, who is a strategic advisor, consultant, business coach, and author of the popular No B.S Series of Books.  He directly influences more than one million business owners annually.  From Dan, I have learned about marketing and how to understand the minds of customers, and how to get them to buy from you, again and again.







Gary Keller

Gary Keller and Ed Zajac

I have also worked with Gary Keller, Founder and CEO of Keller Williams Real Estate, the largest real estate brokerage firm, with 77,000 agents, who showed me the power of focus and how he built his company to the size that it currently has.

I have also worked with many other business leaders, although I do not have the space to list them all here. Some are well known, and some are not. They are in every kind of industry, from wholesaling, retailing, manufacturing, services, finance, technology, and banking.

This kind of cross transfer of best practices from one industry to another is a powerful tool for explosive results, as you take the best from one industry and transfer it to another, which makes it even more powerful since it is little used in that industry and as a result it is powerfully effective.

What Do The Top 2% CEO’s Really Do That Makes Them So Successful

I have learned what the “Top 2% of CEOs” do that enables them to work less and make more than the other 98% of less effective CEOs.

Let me tell you a little bit about their success. Their success is not about having more resources or money than you do, it is not about what industry they are in, and it is not about how high of an IQ they have that makes them a “Top 2% CEO”.

It is all about how they think, plan, make decisions, and organize their companies.  It is about the Synergy of all four of these areas coming together at one time. This is just a small example of what I will be sharing with you on our site.

“Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals ten or a hundred or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.”

Stephen Covey

 Take A Minute And Just Imagine What Your Future Can Be Like If You…

Imagine being the type of CEO who is confident, and who does not live in fear of being found out as an impostor, or someone not able to do his job.

Imagine yourself being to be able to achieve what you want, and never being labeled by anyone, including yourself, as an underachiever, but being labeled as an overachiever.  I want you to be an overachiever who has exceeded his potential by working hard and smart like a “Top 2% CEO”.

Imagine being smart and avoiding making foolish mistakes in your business, some of which could even be fatal to your company.   When you learn from us and from other top CEOs and business leaders, you will have an inside track to see what other CEOs are doing to be successful. You can then do what they are doing and use it in your own business. Remember “Success Leaves Tracks”.

Imagine avoiding being blindsided by changes in your market because you will be up to date on what works and what doesn’t work. You will be able to feel in control of your company, and you will feel confidence in knowing that your financial future will be bright. Imagine being able to avoid periods of negative cash flow, and knowing how these periods can be reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Imagine no longer feeling helpless in light of competition, industry changes, the economy, and government regulation. Instead imagine feeling powerful, confident, and in control of whatever problems or obstacles may come up because you know you are equipped to handle them.

I want all of these things for you, and I am willing to invest in you to make them happen.

Please join me in my mission to make America’s businesses and CEOs more successful, and help us be a stronger country for our families, friends and neighbors.  I believe that small to medium sized businesses are the best hope for all of us to have a strong, prosperous, and free United States of America in the future. And I would like to end this page with a quote from one my business heroes, who failed, but never gave up until he succeeded wildly in his second go with Apple.

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.

Steve Jobs

I hope that you join us by clicking below.


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